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>> and exclusive pictures we have obtained in what could be a major break in the shocking bay area crime. abc7 news begins in 60 seconds.
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we want the cops to stop criminalizing our youth. >> a protest shuts down traffic and transit in san francisco. >> and comes to an end with more than 30 arrests. good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. >> and i'm dan ashley. the demonstration was sparked by saturday's fatal police shooting of a parolee from washington state. >> police say 19-year-old kenneth harding, junior fired first. late today police say gunshot residue found on harding's right happened backs up their claim he was armed. still that protest went on. abc7's john alston was there and he joins us now live. >> carolyn, things have calmed
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down. there were 35 arrests. a san francisco motorcycle officer was hurt when demonstrators tried to knock him off his bike. it was a tense showdown until just before 10:00 tonight. protesters tangled with police on powell street near market. >> if you fail to return to the sidewalks, you are subject to arrest. >> when officers in riot gear corraled them to the sidewalk, the demonstrators sat down. that's when police started making arrests, about three dozen by sun down. >> we supported these folks along the way to exercise first amendment rights. we reached a point where the crowd was getting bull sister russ and we -- boulsterous and we asked them to get out of the street jie. they stopped at the station on vaw 11 see yaw street hurling a flare, a smoke bomb, paint and a hammer at officers. no one was hurt. the march started around 6:00
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p.m. at dolores park and moved to the castro where people in the crowd vandalized the bank of america at 18th street as well as the muni station. the crowd is upset at san francisco police who shot and killed a suspected it fare jumper at a muni stop over the weekend. >> we want the cops to stop criminalizing our youth by hoping on the train and doing fare inspections. that's what caused the guy to have to be shot down. when they chased him down because he didn't have his transfer. >> the man fired first and was the person of an interest in the murder of a washington state woman. after night fall crowds on ellis street tried to prevent fans from driving with the rest of the demonstrators. >> we have a splinter group that is taking over the streets. we will finish up and right now just keeping traffic moving in the area and dealing with these folks who have misdemeanor charges. >> things are back to normal.
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bart stations are back open after being shut for a short time. they are being cited for failure to obey orders to disperse. live in san francisco, abc7 news. >> thanks, john. >> and the police chief and other city officials will be hosting a town hall meeting to discuss the shooting. that meeting is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. >> across the bay, oakland police are questioning two men in connection with the death of a woman found burning in the rock ridge neighborhood last week. a viewer sent us these pictures by you report of one arrest. this scene after investigators caught up with one man after he took off on foot. he was found dead. the union city resident was beaten before her body was burned. an off duty sheriff deputy lost his life trying to diffuse a tense domestic situation. he was trying to help his friend's daughter deal with threats from her ex-boyfriend.
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halloran opened fire killing mat hi son who was armed. now, reports from petaluma. >> they say marin county deputy jim mathison went to advise a 22-year-old family friend who was dealing with an ex-boyfriend who was threatening her. >> earlier that evening he actually texted her telling her he would kill her and her family because of the break up. >> he was on parole after serving eight months for making criminal threats. police say his ex-wife and another ex-girlfriend filed restraining orders against him. >> mathison went outside when he approached the house. he shot mathison in the upper torso killing him at the scene. >> the young woman ran to a neighbor's house and they said we are going to look for your daughter, but the woman's son was in the house and he grabbed his gun. >> he then went around to the outside in the garage area where the mother was being forced into the vehicle and
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shot the suspect twice. >> once in the leg and once in the head, killing halloran. >> we are looking at this as a justifiable homicide. >> but mathison is being mourned where he is a deputy for nine years. he leaves a wife and two sons. reporting in marin county, alan wang, abc7 news. crews plan to resume searching for a hiker swept over a water fall at yosemite national park. park rangers received multiple calls and conflicting reports about one or perhaps more hikers going over vernal false and into the merced river. the trail that leads up to the falls will remain shut down. record snowfall has created spectacular water falls, but treacherous conditions at yosemite. in fact, eight people have died in the park this year. police are investigating the death of a walnut creek student who left on a trip and never returned home. he uh hendz -- he attends the
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high school and left home in a civic on july 10th. his family and friends are worried about him because he has bt -- hasn't been heard from since. they set up a facebook page to help find him. he said he might visit a number of places including sacramento, tahoe or santa cruz. he did not take his cell phone with him. the fbi arrested 16 people in the crackdown of a group called anonymous. 14 of the suspects were targeted for paying paypal. after the site they suspended payments to the whistleblower website wikileaks. they executed 35 search warrants including those on long island they are looking at as part of the investigation. the justice department would not say how many of the arrests and the searches took place in the bay area. now, these suspects face charges of conspiracy and intentional damage to a protected computer. to washington where it is the senate's move in the national debt showdown.
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the democratic controled senate is expected to defeat a house bill that would increase the debt limit by $2.4 trillion. the plan is backed by the tea party. it slashes spending by $6 trillion and includes a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget. attention is now returning to two senate plans. one would provide the president authority to increase the debt limit without congressional approval, and another would cut spending by $4 trillion. news of potential progress on the debt limit gave wall street a boost today. the dow gained 200 points, the largest one-day jump of the year closing at 12,587. four stocks rose for every one that fell. thousands of federal aviation administration workers could be be furloughed if lawmakers don't approve legislation to keep the agency operating. the f.a.a.'s operating authority expires on friday. law i can makers have been unable to -- lawmakers have been unable to agree on a funding bill. so they have been operating under short-term extensions since 2007.
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in the event of a shut down air traffic controller s who continue to work. but about 32,000 other employees of the agency could be furloughed and the airlines would no longer have to collect ticket taxes that fund the f.a.a. they typically run about $60 per round trip. the british lawmakers grilled rupert murdoch and his son james about the phone hacking scandal that engulfed the company. the hearing was briefly interrupted by a protestor who targeted murdoch with a shaving cream pie. murdoch's wife lunged at the man and shoved the pie back toward him. the murdoch apologized as did the former editor of "the news of the world." >> this is the most humble day of my life. it is a matter of great regret for mine, my father's and everyone at news corporation. >> i think and i hope that you
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will agree since we saw the evidence that we promptly and quickly. >> rupert murdock says he was not aware of it and he has no inteption of stepping down. an east bacon tractor who upset a lot of homeowners. the accusations that he took the insurance money and left a lot of unfinished work behind. >> and wall street is calling it a blowout. today's blockbuster announcement from cupertino. >> and the little book mobile that is -- that has run out of gas. all of that is coming up. and the story of this guyser in los angeles. and then later on kt nightline." >> dan and carolyn, coming up on "nightline" bad news brought them billions, but now the powerful murdoch family is called to account in a shocking media scandal. plus, demon possession. we take you to a church where a radical pastor casts out evil spirits. evil spirits. that's on
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♪ ♪ free access to chase atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees with over 16,000 nationwide. take a step forward and chase what matters. >> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to a well-established east bacon tractor -- east bay contractor has gone out of
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business, but november before cashing checks and leaving the work unfinished. so what recourse to the homeowners have here? heather ishimaru has the story. >> a tarp covers unfinished repairs on the roof of their berkeley home. a large pine tree fell on it in january of last year. they lived in one room of the house with their four young girls until that august when they moved out for vanderbilt construction to begin repairs. they have lived in hotels with family and friends ever since. >> vanderbilt was recommended by farmers. >> but now vanderbilt is bankrupt. chang's work is far from completed and all of the insurance company's $72,000 is gone. farmer's issued three checks made to chang and his mortgage bank, wells fargo. they explained thousand handle the checks. >> the instructions were to endorse them, and then hand them over to the contractor who would know what to do. >> he cashed them at fremont bank. because of the bankruptcy chang has no way to recover the money.
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chang had back surgery last week, but plans to complete the work himself borrowing from his 401k to pay for it. >> my bank should not have allowed the checks to be cashed. it was cashed by a third party. i feel in the lurch, you know? my insurance company has abandoned me. >> michelle is in the same situation, but with even more money. >> i think it is about $330,000. it is pretty disgusting, okay? it is horrible. >> her jewelry business and two apartments were in this oakland building, heavily damaged by an electrical fire a year ago. they recommended haveerbilt and issued two checks. one for more than $259,000. they were made out to her and her mortgage bank where she planned to set up an escrow account. but she says vanderbilt objected. >> they said, no, no, no. it will be hard if you do it that way. just sign it over to us and we will take care of it. i said -- i mean so far i had
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trusted these guys. >> there is more than $200,000 worth of work left on her building. >> i will have to sue everybody, but do you think this is what i want to do? i mean, really. >> we were unable to reach the owner and his attorneys in -- and fremont bank did not return our calls. they have reason to believe she was taking their insurance money to cover costs on old jobs rather than the intended jobs. in the newsroom, heather ishimaru, abc7 news. >> the white house is backing a bill by dianne feinstein that would repeal the marriage act known as doma. it is between a man and a woman. it went into affect 15 years ago. >> and i want to assure you that this is not a cause which we are going to drop. we are not faint hearted about this. if we don't succeed this session, we will continue it
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next session. we will continue the effort until the battle is won. >> senator feinstein and other members of the judiciary committee will hear testimony from same sex couples who want to see doma overturned. and in new york, mayor bloomburg announced that new york city will hold a lottery for couples who want to get married this sunday. that's the first day same-sex marriage will be legal there. >> apple computer hosted a blowout. in june, the company has $7.3 billion in revenue with its iphone scpi pad sales setting new records. that's more than double from a year ago. and company officials called ipad sales an absolute frenzy. they are selling twice as many ipad as macs. and the cupertino company has an incredible $76 billion in cash. its new operating system called lion is set to be released tomorrow. look at this. a spectacular sight in a los angeles neighborhood late today. a water hydrant was sheared off in el cerrito sending
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water 100 feet into the air. it was hit by a stolen car. the driver suffered head injuries. he was arrested at the hospital. as you can imagine, two homes were flooded, and residents had to evacuate. it took crews more than an hour to seal off those hydrants. >> it shows how much pressure those pipes are in. >> absolutely. let's talk about the weather forecast warming up jie. spencer christian -- oh, sandhya patel is here. why do i keep doing that? >> it is okay, carolyn. you work with spencer as well. let me show you a time lapse from our camera. yes, it is warming up, and it is going to warm up in a big way. as you look at this time lapse here, this is what it looked like this afternoon. the fog just hovered most of the afternoon, and as a result, it was cooler at the coastline today, but the inland areas continue -- continued to come up. it was in the low 70s. we have 60s across much of the bay area along the coastline though the
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temperatures are in the 50s. here are the highlights. patchy coastal fog. a big warm up for tomorrow. and we are looking at a cooling trend at the end of the week. so today's warm up is just a taste of what's coming tomorrow. looking at the satellite and the radar, an area of low pressure that is keeping us in the cooler than normal mode is exiting. so the higher pressure takes control of our weather. it is going to be much warmer tomorrow. here is what's going to happen. the wind flow around the area of high pressure is bringing the wind out of the northwest. we are already seeing signs of the northwesterly winds in the form of the fog getting blown away literally cleared away from the marin county coast. now here is what's going to happen. the rest of the fog that is left will get swept away in the overnight hours. so really by morning a couple of patches of fog. the sun is out and the temperatures will come up inland into the mid-nineties tomorrow. there is no stopping the heat. you are looking at 60s and
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even 70s showing up. so great looking weather for your wednesday afternoon. in the morning though, really a mild start. 50s for much of the coast and the bay shoreline. inlands areas in the low to mid60s. almost bordering on the warm side here. and tomorrow afternoon, you are going to feel the summer warmth. 86 in the south bay in san jose. 87 for campbell. los gatos, close to 90 degrees. on the peninsula, you are looking at sunshine and 82 for redwood city and palo alto. loss at toes in the mid80s. along the coastline, pacifica 68 degrees. half moon bay, it is beach weather. temperatures coming back to normal, and in some cases even higher than normal. downtown san francisco is 73 degrees. 69 in the sunset district. as you get into the north bay, 90 in santa rosa and 92 for calistoga. 89 for napa and novato. a beautiful day in the east bay. sunshine and 78 in oakland and 82 for hercules and union city. head inland and you will see temperatures in the low 90s for dublin and pleasanton.
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a warm day in antioch, 95 degrees. almost bordering hot. 93 in livermore and around the monterey bay, 80 in santa cruz and up to 95 inland in gilroy. we will hang on to the heat on thursday. mid-nineties inland and mid60s at the coast. temperatures drop on friday. the sea brees -- sea breeze picks up. the low clouds and fog return. the temperatures drop below average into next weekend and next week. low 80s inland. upper 50s at the coast. cheryl, it is your kind of weather -- i mean, carolyn. >> what is wrong with me? it sliped out of my mouth. i thought, but it is sandhya. >> and we all do it all the time. coming um next, a very interesting experiment in san francisco. >> the honor system put to the test at this tee stand.8x8x8x8xx
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system in justin herman plaza. and it was a fascinating experiment asking them to pay $1 for a bottle of tea. they were watching to see who was testing their honesty with honesty.
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-- honest tea. there are the pictures. the company will compare the results and reveal which city is the most honest. last year san francisco came in third boston was first. well, it is not just the big boys who can't make a buck when it comes to selling books. the bay area book mobile is shutting up the same weeks that borders is going out of business. dave simpson took big blue on the road last october. we are looking at sports there. >> are you trying to steel my highlights? >> that would be just like me, right? can i just finish this? he gave himself a year to break even, but he just cannot make it in the current economic climate. there you can have your sports back. >> i apologize. the giants which we kind of saw a little about, they take out the belt on the dodgerss,
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brandon belt that is. he is called up and contributes instantly. sports is next. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste? a man can only try... and try...and try. i heard eating wle grain oats can help lower my cholesterol. it's gonna be tough. my wife and i want to lowe our cholesterol, but finding healthy food that tastes good is torturous. your father is suffering. [ male announc ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol.
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knows the giants need more offense. they are lucky to be 16 games over 500. they went out and acquired infielder jeff keping re to replace miguel tahada and called up brandon belt for the game with l.a. the giants fans are happy to take out the belt. the opening series belt hit his first career homer and in the second inning, his first at bat since being recalled. solo shot and 1-0 giants. l.a. gets to madison baumgardner. the dodgers take a 3-2 lead. funny stuff in the fourth inning. watch the kid in the gray giant sweatshirt. the girl gets the ball. he gets nothing and doesn't like it. looks to dad and said, "i had it" and he is pouting and dad
11:30 pm
saying is" i'm sorry." the pout is priceless. wow. the giants know how to do it right. they give him a baseball and all is right with sparky's world. back to the game and it is 3-3 in the seventh. stwo-run score. giants win it 5-3 and have beaten l.a. six in a row heading for the matinee. the a's are looking at the standings and the calendar knowing they could be dealing a bunch of guys for the deadline. this could have been a disaster for scott sizemore. the ball hit his collar bone. the bottom of four and victor martinez heading home. the three -- the throw beats him by a mile, but martinez dances around kurt suzuki and gets his hand in there somehow safely. i'm going left. i'm going right. i'm in. great play, 1-0 tigers. a's up 3-2 and that's when
11:31 pm
things go terribly wrong. miguel cawrera with a two-run bomb. they roll to victory 8-3. sizemore was lucky. but another was not. the pitcher beamed the former athletic with a 91 mile an hour fast ball that ricocheted off his helmet into the stands. dazed he would walk off with assistance. the twins won the game 2-1. and here is the hot soccer video on the internet. the united arab of emirates turning his back on the lebenon goalie and still scores on the penalty kick. he may face some sanctions here for unsports man like conduct. the fact he could even score like that is remarkable. >> the fact that the goalie didn't get that is fairly remarkable. he was like, what did he just do? >> he was bewildered. >> "nightline" is next. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. good night, everyone.=x=x=x=x=xx
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♪ ♪ free access to chase atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees with over 16,000 nationwide. take a step forward and chase what matters.

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